Wednesday, September 17, 2008

will be made available and explained in detail on
TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 2009, 6:30-8:00pm,
at the Henderson Housing Authority on South Adams Street.
Typically, applications for Habitat for Humanity housing are handed out from Habitat's office at 459 Klutey Park Plaza each year from January through March and then reviewed by the Family Services Committee for recommendation to Habitat's Board of Directors. In 2009, a new application and effort to improve the acquisition of information needed to consider a household for the partnership that builds a safe, decent house affordable to people in need will be initiated on Tuesday evening, January 6th. The Housing Authoriuty is providing the meeting room ONLY and is not otherwise involved in Habitat's application process. It is hoped that a number of households will be represented at this special meeting that explains in detail every aspect of the application and partnership Habitat establishes with an approved applicant household. This meeting is for adults only. Children should not be brought to the meeting. NO childcare will be provided.
Applicants must be US citizens and residents of or employed in Henderson County for at least one year prior to the date of their application. Applicants must live in substandard, unsafe and/or overcrowded circumstances and not be elgible for coventional mortgage financing. Applicants must be willing and able to participate in the building or rehabilitation of someone else's Habitat house and then participate in the construction/rehab of their own house. They must be willing and able to pay a $600 down payment prior to occupancy of their Habitat house and a monthly principal-only mortgage payment of approximately $350 including taxes and insurance.
When completed, the Habitat house is sold to the approved applicant for the costs of the lot acquisition, building materials and title transfer. Much of the labor is volunteered and Habitat adds no profit. Habitat will finance the sales price of the house for 20-25 years without adding interest. A homeowner's interest-free mortgage payment is "recycled" by Habitat to help build another family's house.
Applicants are required to give consent to credit and criminal checks and provide verifications of household income, employment and rent as well as personal character references.
Henderson Habitat for Humanity intends to comply to the letter and spirit of federal anti-discrimination laws regarding age, gender, national origin, race and marital status.
For more information, please attend the January 6th meeting at the ousing Authorty!

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