Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Helping out A Neighbor...

Future Habitat homeowner Judy Sheeley, her son Jake and brother James lift a section of the front wall on Regina Houstons house at 804 Meadow Street. Judy's house will be the next one to be built by Habitat--the 50th in Henderson--and it will be located next door. Habitat builds more than houses. Habitat builds relationships too! Work on the Sheeley house foundation will get underway by mid-October.

Fall Fund-Raiser:

Benefitting Henderson Habitat for Humanity
Saturday, October 23rd
7pm to Midnight
at the Moose Lodge
338 2nd Street
Tickets $25/person, $40/couple
Available at Habitat's ReStore
325 S. Green Street
(restrictions apply)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Habitat's Thursday Crew Raises First Wall

Even though John Crooks (standing, grey shirt, center of photo) has volunteered for more than a year on Habitat's Thursday Crew, this was his first experience to build and raise an exterior wall on a Habitat house site. Hoo-ray for John....and all the other hard-working fellas who give their time and effort to helping Habitat fulfill its mission.

CSX Railroad Employees Volunteer to Install Floor

Locomotive engineers, conductors and other employees from the CSX Railroad stationed out of the Evansville yards volunteered Wednesday, September 22, and laid the floor deck at 804 Meadow Street. On a near-record breaking 97 degree last day of summer, these volunteers worked inspite of the heat to further along the construction on Habitat's 49th house in Henderson. Thanks for all the hard work!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Habitat's Build-Sites Are For Learning Too!

Instructor Brad Moyes uses Habitat's building site as a "hands-on" classroom for construction skills to Junior and Senior students from Henderson County High School. The high school's Construction Technologies classes are involved in helping to build Habitat's 49th house in Henderson as they have been with several Habitat houses in the past several years. Students learn valuable carpentry skills and techniques as they help lay out the house and work from the foundation to the roof ridge, inside and out.
Generally, Habitat volunteers can learn a lot of different skills from those who manage and supervise the construction site during a house-build. More than a few times a volunteer has said at the end of a work session, "Now I can go home and do this at my own house!" Habitat volunteers do not have to be skilled to work at a job site, just willing--willing to do whatever needs to be done, willing to take instruction, willing to help someone else.
In addition to the high school classes working at the Meadow Street site, Habitat's Thursday Crew is there most Thursday mornings and a Saturday Crew meets there most every Saturday morning. Volunteers are welcome. To confirm a work session or to inquire of what will be the task of the day, simply call 869-9011. Come join the effort and perhaps learn something new!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Habitat's Thursday Crew Builds Ramp

Some of the members of Henderson Habitat's Thursday Crew stand on a wheelchair ramp they recently built and installed at a Hebbardsville residence so that a quadriplegic homeowner can easily and safely inter and exit his home. Materials for the ramp were paid for by a grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati through its member, the Ohio Valley Financial Group. These retired volunteers meet weekly for breakfast and then a morning's work helping build Habitat's houses and accomplish other good deeds for people in need. Newcomers are most welcome to join in the fun, fellowship and good work. Simply call Habitat for more information (869-9011).