Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Habitat's Thursday Crew Keeps Busy

The dozen or so Habitat volunteers who faithfully gather each Thursday morning provide quality workmanship on each project. Shown are members of the "TCrew" in a very dedicated effort to finish the N. Julia Street house in time for a pre-Christmas dedication and occupancy: Harold O'Dell (top) cuts and fits baseboard trim while Glenn Busby and Fred Lauver set a bedroom door (middle) and kitchen cabinets are set by Bob Clum, Arnold Griffee and Sonny Beaven (bottom). A final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy received, the house was ready to be lived in on December 22nd!
Henderson Habitat very much appreciates these hard-working seniors who get the Affiliate's ministry done! Persons who would like to join the Thursday Crew are welcomed. Call Habitat at 869-9011 for information.

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