Friday, October 23, 2009

Apostles' Build Progress Continues on Inside

Soon to be Henderson Habitat's 47th homeowner/partner, Eric Bridges (top photo) puts in some sweat equity helping to paint what will be his and his wife, Casandra's, new home at 511 Plum Street. Carol Martinez (middle photo) helps Eric and Casandra with the painting. She and her family have contributed more than 120 hours of sweat equity on the Bridges house and are eager to start on the next Habitat house in Henderson which will be their own!
In the bottom photo, "Thursday Crew" member Bob "Dawg" Clum, an avid Georgia Bull Dog fan, struggles to get the UK blue on the walls in Eric's treatment room. He promised Eric, a fanatic Wildcat fan, that somewhere in the house a dawg print would be left as evidence of his help on the house.

Built and financed by eight local churches and Henderson's two Lions Clubs, the Apostle's Build house is progressing towards a pre-Thanksgiving completion and occupancy. Hope Eric finds that dawg's claw by then!

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